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Today I belong right here with you

I’ve never been so
colourfully-see-through-head before
I’ve never been so
and all I want is to keep it like this
you and me alone
a secret kiss
and don’t go home
don’t go away
don’t let this end
please stay
not just for today
magnolia 160421 5 liten  bra magnolia 160421 9 liten magnolia 160421 8 liten magnolia 160421 7 liten magnolia 160421 6 liten

Magnolia, Eskilstuna, 160421


Soft breath, beating heart

They took a step back, thought about it, what should they do
Cause theres always repercussions when you’re dating in school

But their lips met, and reservations started to pass
Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last

Either way he wanted her and this was bad
Wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like
And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right


she wants revenge – tear you apart

Gonna give my heart away

”A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over and give us some room”

Magnolia, Eskilstuna april 2015

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”For this is the beginning of forever and ever
It’s time to move over…”

Tack Portishead för inspiration.